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Personal service and low prices

PenSam Bank is an online bank with a personal approach and a team of banking advisers who will always be at your service. We have no branches and we are therefore able to keep our costs down. This results in competitive prices that benefit our customers.

As a customer in PenSam Bank you can carry out your banking transactions as best fits you – on your desktop or mobile phone. And you are always welcome to call one of our customer advisers who are ready to help you.

Who can become a customer?

If you, or one of your close relatives, is a member of FOA or PenSam, you can become a customer with PenSam Bank. If you are not a member of FOA, we also have worthwhile products and prices for you.

We care about our customers

To us, all customers are equal, and it is always important to us, to keep our customers satisfied with the products and prices that we offer. To make sure we are living up to this goal, we complete ongoing customer satisfaction surveys, so we are up to date and able to adjust and improve based on our customer feedback. This means that you are guaranteed a good experience with PenSam Bank.

Do you have any questions?

We do everything we can to make banking easy. However, should you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact one of our customer advisers at +45 44 39 39 44.

Questions often asked