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Being a customer with PenSam means, that you enjoy the benefits of a pension scheme. You can also benefit from a bank and an insurance company especially for you.

What is PenSam? 

PenSam is a labour market pension fund. We manage occupational pension schemes for people within eldercare, cleaning, technical service and pedagogical care in Danish municipalities, regions and private companies. In PenSam we also offer favorable insurance and loans to our customers.





An occupational pension scheme is a pension scheme through which wage-earners are entitled to pension as part of their employment. Pension contributions represent a percentage of their wages and salaries. For public-sector employees, pension contributions represent between 12% and 18% and for private-sector employees between 9% and 11%.

The majority of the occupational pension schemes managed by PenSam are based on collective agreements and agreements entered into by the trade unions FOA – Trade and Labour and Leder-Forum with the employers. 




PenSam Bank is an internet based  bank. We have no branches and we are therefore able to keep our costs down. This results in competitive prices to your benefit.


If you have a pension scheme or banking affairs with PenSam we offer insurance through our business partner Gjensidige forsikring. Contact Gjensidige for more informationon

PenSam housing 

PenSam has invested in rental properties throughout the country, and our customers have a preferential right to the rental homes in these properties. 

For more information, please contact our customer service centre.