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Pension in PenSam

Having a pension in PenSam means that, not only are you saving up for old age but also ensuring that you are covered before you reach retirement in case of serious illness, death or early retirement because of work incapacity. 

The amount that you save up in you pension savings during your lifetime, determines the amount that you will receive when you retire. It also determines the amount of incapacity benefits you will receive if you retire early due to work incapacity. 

Many of our members also have a group life insurance, as part of their pension in PenSam. This means that you or your relatives will receive an extra sum in the unfortunate event of serious illness, loss of working capacity or death before the public retirement age.

Contact us, if you find yourself in any of the above situations, are planning to retire, or have other questions. Book a meeting over the phone with one of advisors here. Or you can contact our member service center – we are open on weekdays can be reached by phone: 44 39 39 00 or e-mail.

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