PenSam Bank – safe, cheap and exclusively for you

PenSam Bank is an online bank with a personal approach and a team of banking advisers who will be at your service. We have no branches and we are therefore able to keep our costs down. This results in competitive prices to your benefit. 

You can carry out your banking transactions as normal – on your PC and over the phone. You can always call one of our customer advisers who are ready to help you. And if you have a salary account with us, you will of course be offered a regular customer adviser who will always be up-to-date with your affairs.

Who can become a customer?
If you or one of your close relatives is a member of PenSam or FOA you can become a customer with PenSam Bank. Once you have become a customer with us, you are free to stay with us even if you change jobs or unemployment insurance fund. 

We have satisfied customers
Therefore we offer low interest on loans, market conform interests on deposits and have few and low fees. To us, all customers are equal. You are therefore guaranteed a good experience with PenSam Bank.

Do you have any questions?
We do everything we can to make our products easy to understand. However, should you have any questions, you should always feel free to contact one of our customer advisers on tel. +45 44 39 39 44.

Call our customer advisors

Can I borrow money without a salary account?


Do you charge many fees in PenSam Bank?

​PenSam Bank does not charge as many fees as the traditional banks. Deposits and withdrawals are fee-free. Click here for information about the fees in PenSam Bank: Fees for the most common services.

How do I open an account or apply for a loan?

​You should begin by reading about the products. You can find information on this Website.
Call us or fill in this form.

Do I need to transfer all my accounts to PenSam Bank to obtain a loan with the bank?

​ If you wish to apply for a car loan, a home loan or a credit facility, we do not require you to transfer all or part of your current banking business from another bank.
If you apply for a consumer loan, you will have better interests if you have your salary account with PenSam Bank. 

What loans can you offer me?

​PenSam Bank offers several types of loans. The loans have different advantages to suit your needs. For more information about the different types of loans, call +45 44 39 39 44.

Can I still be a customer if I am no longer a member or related to a member of FOA or PenSam?

​Yes. We only require that you are a member of FOA or PenSam when you become a customer initially. Once you are a customer with our bank, you will not be asked to leave, even if you are no longer a member of FOA or PenSam.