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Being a PenSam member

At PenSam we put our members first. We actively use member feedback and knowledge about our members to match our products and services with our unique member group. Our goal is to be the pension company, that our members can count on and that will be there, when they need us.

Your pension in PenSam  

Having a pension in PenSam means that not only are you saving up for old age but also insuring that you are covered before you reach retirement in case of serious illness, death or early retirement because of work incapacity. 

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You have special access to our bank 

As a pension member in PenSam, you and your closest relatives can choose to become members in PenSam Bank. PenSam bank is one of lowest-priced banks in Denmark and offers a variety of loans and credit facilities, such as home and car loans. Of course, we also offer you a salary account, a savings account for your children, as well as a high-interest account for any additional needs.

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You can get low-priced, high-quality insurance

As with PenSam Bank, being a pension member in PenSam means that you have access to PenSam Insurance. Our insurance company can help you insure everything from your home or car to your dog or motorcycle. We also offer accident insurance and supplementary insurance against unemployment.

Health services 

With a pension in PenSam you also have the opportunity to speak with one of our social counsellors in case of illness or stress. Our counsellors can offer you advice on how to get better and continue working. They can also help you navigate the public health care system and assist you in your dealings with the public authorities.

For more information about our Health Services you are more than welcome to contact our member service center at +45 78 74 87 04.


PenSam housing

PenSam owns many rental properties throughout the country to which you have a preferential right.

For more information about our housing options you are more than welcome to contact our member service center at +45 78 74 87 04.



You are always welcome to contact our member service center at +45 78 74 87 04 on weekdays between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. or send us an e-mail.