Pension scheme

 When you have a pension scheme with PenSam you save for both old-age pension and incapacity pension.

The amount you will receive in old-age pension will depend on the amount contributed by you throughout the years. This also determines the amount of incapacity benefits you may receive from PenSam if the public authorities decide that you qualify for incapacity benefits.

​Most pension schemes offer group life insurance securing you or your relatives an extra sum of money in the event of illness, death and loss of working capacity.

​You are soon to retire?
You become ill or have an accident?
A member of your family dies?
Contact us and a counsellor will help you. We can be contacted on tel. +45 44 39 39 39 on weekdays between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. or by e-mail.

Costumer center

Why pay part of the salary to PenSam?

Why do I pay part of my salary to PenSam?

Under your collective agreement, your employer has an obligation to pay pension contribution for the work you perform. The pension contribution is paid into an occupational pension scheme managed by us in PenSam.

An occupational pension scheme is a collective scheme agreed upon between your union and your employer. It consists of coverage in the event of death and disability and of actual savings (old-age pension and/or capital pension), which will be paid to you when you retire.

What is my money used for?

Your money is used for savings that will cover you when you reach the pensionable age and for management and insurance covering disability and death.

Good coverage if you become critically ill.

​If you die, your relatives are secured a financial platform for moving on. 
When you grow old, you will have a sensible savings plan providing you with more financial resources for your third age.

You may have heard of pension schemes that require you to undergo a health examination and where you risk being labelled as a being in “poor health”. This is not the case in PenSam. We accept you on an equal footing with everyone else, and no one will ask you about your health.

What is my coverage?

​This will depend on your pension scheme. Contact our customer service center on tel. +45 44 39 39 39.

Termination of membership

​Can I terminate my membership of PenSam?
- if you are employed in a position for which the collective agreement stipulates that the money should be paid into PenSam, you cannot terminate your membership.
- if your employment situation changes so that you are covered by a different collective agreement, you can transfer your occupational pension scheme from PenSam to another pension company.

Major changes occur in my life?

​What should I do if major changes occur in my life?

You should call, e-mail or write us immediately. We are ready by the phones and will offer you quick advice on the possible solutions that may be relevant to you in your specific situation. Contact our customer service center on tel. +45 44 39 39 39.

Coverage ceased?

​Why has my insurance coverage ceased?

If you have changed jobs, your employer may not be contributing to your pension any more. If so, your insurance cover will cease. Contact us if you change jobs or if you are in doubt whether your pension scheme will continue.

Early retirement

If I take early retirement, will you be informed?

No, you must inform us if you take early retirement. Your unemployment insurance fund will not inform PenSam.