​If you are a member of FOA and have a pension scheme or banking affairs with PenSam, you can also take out insurance with PenSam. In that way you will be able to assemble your pension, banking and insurance with PenSam.

In PenSam you can get the types of insurance most families need for the home, car, house etc.  

Furthermore we provide Personal accident insurance and Supplementary insurance against unemployment.

Do you have any questions?
Our advisers can be reached on weekdays between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Call +45 44 39 39 99 or e-mail us if you need advice about insurance. 

What do we offer?

Car insurance, Third party liability and Comprehensive

Home content insurance

Building insurance, private homes

Holiday home insurance

Moped, Third party liability

Dog insurance, Third party liability

Caravan insurance  

Personal accident insurance 

Supplementary insurance against unemployment     

What is covered by the FOA accident insurance?

​As a member of FOA you are covered by FOA accident insurance in case of accidents occurring in your leisure time leaving you with a level of permanent injury of at least 8%.

What is not covered by the FOA accident insurance?

​You are not covered against accidents if you are only a member of the unemployment insurance fund.
You are not covered if you are injured while at work. This will be covered by your employer.
FOA accident insurance does not cover dental damage and e.g. chiropractic therapy, physiotherapy or psychological therapy
FOA accident insurance does not cover damage to glasses, personal items and clothing. Damage to personal items may be covered by your personal home contents insurance.

What does it cost to take out the FOA accident insurance?

​The FOA accident insurance premium is DKK 65 annually, i.e. DKK 5.42 monthly. FOA pays the insurance premium, but you are liable to pay tax on the premium. This means that we will report the DKK 65 to the Danish tax authorities as B income (income not taxable at source).

How large is the insurance sum?

​The insurance sum payable to you will be maximum DKK 100,000. Please contact us if you have any questions about damages.

When does the FOA accident insurance expire?

​It expires forty-five days following your 65th birthday or when you terminate your membership of FOA.

What do I get through FOA?

​As a member of FOA, you are automatically covered by group life insurance with a death cover of up to DKK 325,000 and a group sum of DKK 100,000 in the event of critical illness.

Why has FOA – Trade and Labour taken out the FOA accident insurance on behalf of all its members?

​Because some 50% of its members did not have accident insurance cover in their leisure time and were therefore not insured against accidents.